O Bem-Amado

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O Bem-Amado

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O Bem-Amado is a Brazilian telenovela that first aired on Rede Globo in 1973. It is based on a play by Dias Gomes called Odorico, o Bem-Amado ou Os Mistérios do Amor e da Morte, written in 1962. It was the first Brazilian color telenovela. It was shot in Rio de Janeiro. Broadcast by Rede Globo between January 22 and October 3, 1973 (178 episodes). Other 3 versions of this same story were produced: the television series O Bem-Amado (1980 - 1984), the film O Bem Amado (2010) and the miniseries O Bem-Amado (2011). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


1 season


2 episodes

1. Episode 1
Jan 22, 73
2. Episode 2
Oct 03, 73
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