Kaiji 2: The Ultimate Gambler

カイジ2 人生奪回ゲーム - - 133 min.

Kaiji 2: The Ultimate Gambler

Rating: n/a

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3 years after the ultimate life-or-death game with Teiai Group, Kaiji was entrapped by Teiai and again back in the underground, forced to do hard labour. One day, Kaiji wins a bet to get out of the underground with 1 million yen, and promises the other workers that he will save them. But to do so, he only has 14 days and needs 200 million yen! Kaiji meets his former rival Tonegawa and learns that there is a chance to turn the tables in the game. It was a monster casino machine that will make 1 billion yen if you win...

Thriller Drama

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